Learning to play an instrument is hard work, but it can be a lot of fun too! If you have the right attitude, you can reach your goals way faster. Let's make music together!

I teach:
· music theory
· playing technique
· learning your favorite songs
· blues, rock, pop, funk, jazz, etc.
· beginning or advanced,
· kids or adults welcome

    You need to have your own instrument to be able to study and practice. If you don't have one I can help you find the one that best fits your needs. I offer the first lesson free, and if you decide to use my services for yourself or for your child, I will ask you to pay monthly for the lessons. I recommend most students take lessons once a week, unless you would like to take them more often. Don't forget you still need to have enough time to practice from lesson to lesson. You can check out the short videos of sample lessons on the right side of this page.

    Lessons take place in my smoke-free home conveniently located one mile from I-94 in St. Paul, although I will also be happy to teach at your home if this does not work out for you or if you are allergic to cats. The price is $32.50 for a 60 minute lesson. This price is calculated for a 3 mile radius from my home. If I have to travel more than 3 miles to you, the price will be adjusted accordingly - simply ask for a quote.

Rates for 60 minute lessons:
$32.50/lesson for monthly payers at my home. ($130/month, for 4 lessons) Tuition is due on a monthly or a 4-lesson basis
  Video#1  In this video I talk about the C Major Scale. You play this scale in the 7th position and start it with your second finger. This is not the whole lesson, it is just a little excerpt of it. This scale is one of the first ones you will learn as a beginner guitarist. :) 
 Video#2  This second video is a short presentation of a standard blues pattern played with a funky feel for intermediate guitarists. I explain this with even more detail in person. Once again, this is just a short excerpt and the purpose of it is to show you my teaching style. :) 
 Video#3  In this video you can see me playing with my band Groove Steady at Famous Dave's. We are performing one of my original songs called Groove Steady Blues. If you are interested in watching more videos of Groove Steady please visit our youtube page.