Originally from the small wine-making town of Tarcal, Hungary, Tomi (short for Tamas) lived in the capital city Budapest for 10 years before moving to the USA in 2005. Later he enrolled in MCTC's Sound Arts program, where he graduated with a 4.0 GPA and won the Sound Arts Excellence Award. He learned to play the guitar from his father, and after years of performing with rock bands, he turned to conservatory-educated jazz guitarist Tamas Mohai as his mentor and guitar teacher. After moving to Minnesota, Tomi performed and toured with the Lil' Slim Band, a blues band led by legendary bluesman Magic Slim’s son, before forming his own band Goove Steady. Tomi grew up listening to mostly rock music, shifting towards jazz, funk and blues when he was in his twenties. Today all of these styles serve as inspiration when he pens his original tunes. He also played with Boogie Wonderland founder Rahj White in Retrophonic. Although he never purposely tries to imitate Carlos Santana, people often say his soloing style is similar to Carlos's. Tomi currently plays in two bands. One of them is The Not Guilty Band, a 10 piece funk and R&B group and the other one is Soul Acoustics, an acoustic duo with guitarist Rick Figueroa.

Some testimonials from musicians:

“As a guitarist of 47 years, I am amazed at Tamas' knowledge and skill. He is always in control of his instrument and has a very educated ear trained in interval recognition.”

– Roger Kozel, guitarist

“Tamas Majoros is one of the best guitar players I’ve played with! He is at the top of his game !! A true ACE.“

– Lil’ Slim

“The first thing any student can expect from Tamas is how to get a great tone of their instrument! Plus all the honesty, character and care that Tamas has for anybody that has worked with him!”

– Altamir Coelho

“Tamas is a consummate professional. Every gig that I have done with him he has his parts down to the letter. His soloing is fantastic! Very tasty player with no shortage of ideas. From the day I met him his interests have been nothing short of making the best music possible with the best possible musicians.”

– Paul Cherba

“Tamas Majoros is a meticulous musician who puts care into each note he plays and teaches. His unique mix of professionalism and exuberance makes him both an excellent instructor and a pleasure to work with. Tamas’s infectious passion for music will get you excited to pick up the guitar and apply what you’re learning. Whether you are trying it out for the very first time or you want to improve your skills, make the decision to learn how to play guitar from the very best!”

– Alissa Wachter

“In putting together Retro Phonic, I needed a versatile guitarist who can do it all; holding down rhythm guitar parts while quickly switching to full sounding leads without losing the energy of the song. Of all the guitarists I considered and auditioned, Tamas became number one. He gets frequent and steady compliments from the crowd.”

– Rahj White

Tamas Majoros is first of all a good friend and faithful supporter of music! When it comes to playing, it is simple, right to the point! He brings an energy on stage and solos that are fun and easy on the ears.As a Hungarian he also brings to the table resources that are not always found in American styled guitarists. So if you are looking for a teacher that can bring a fresh feel to your playing, Tamas is your guy!"

– Rubens de Mello / Founder of Giant Leap studios Founder of Media Change, & a lover of music