Tamas graduated from MCTC's Sound Arts Program where he won the Sound Arts Excellence Award for his final project. His attitude is to learn quickly and be professional about what he does. This applies to everything in his life as a musician and sound engineer. His home base is at Essential Sessions Studio in Saint Paul, where he does all his freelance work. Essential Sessions has the best quality of software and outboard gear: Pro Tools HD software, Digidesign Icon board, and a huge variety of analog outboard gear. With his state-of-the-art home studio equipment Tamas is also able to provide the same editing recording and mixing quality as any of the professional studios.

Sound Work offered by Tamas:
- Studio recording for demos and albums using the latest technology software and hardware
- 24 track remote location recording for live shows and concerts
- Providing sound for your events. (weddings, private parties etc.)
- Creating and editing ads and jingles for radio use
- Audio Books Recording and Editing

Audio Gear Experience:
Digidesign Icon board, Mackie and Behringer analog mixers. Sony Digital Mixers. Analog and digital patchbays. Various outboard gear: DBX 586 Tube Preamp, UA 610 tube preamp, MC77 Limiting Amp, Emperical Labs Lil Freq, API Lunchbox, Lil Devil comp, 512C preamp, A Designs preamp, 527 compressor, Wunder Audio PA Four preamp, Millenia HV-3D preamp, API 3124 preamp, Great River MP2NW preamp, Apogee Big Ben Clock, Eventide Eclipse Effects Processor, Empirical Labs Distressor (With British Mod) 2, Art Pro Vla Compressor (Tube) Lexicon Pcm70 Delay/Reverb, LexiconPcm91 Reverb Processor. Neumann, Royer, Seinheiser, AKG, Audio Technica, Shure, Mojave, Groove Tubes, Beyerdynamic, Cascade and Crown microphones. DAT and DTRS recorders. Solid state and Tube guitar and Bass amps, analog and digital stomp boxes.

Software Experience:
Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Bias Peak
Reason, Wavelab
Sound Forge
Fruity Loops
Wave Burner
Adobe Sound Booth
Band in a Box
IK Multimedia, Izotope, Waves, Sound Toys and various other plugins.